My Dog Has A Red Spot On His Neck That Is Irritated And Has Puss Coming Out. Can Someone Help?


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Any of you out there that have pets will know how distressing it can be when they are suffering from an ailment, especially if it is one that is causing them a considerable amount of discomfort. Everyone knows that a dog is a man's, or a woman’s, best friend so when they are suffering, generally you are suffering too. Quite often your dog will suffer from spots or rashes on their skin that they have picked up from various locations. If your dog has a red spot on his or her neck or anywhere else on the body that has become irritated and there is puss coming out, there are a number of different explanations for it. In a large number of cases this symptom will be an abscess of some sort that has become infected due to the scratching of your dog. This is not a major issue and can be easily treated. You should really get your dog to the vet as soon as possible. You will generally find that they will prescribe antibiotics and possibly some pain killers for your dog to help them with the pain. If you cannot get to the vet or you do not have the money then cleaning the spot with peroxide and making use of a wet warm compress to drain out the puss. You really do need some antibiotics to remove the infection though. Another possibility is that your dog has picked up an injury from a sharp object or another dog, the wound could easily have gotten infected and again a visit to the vet will be needed. They will probably prescribe a tube to stop your dog scratching it and some cream to help clear up the infection.
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It sounds like your dog may have an abscess, I would recommend cleaning it with peroxide and using a warm wet compress to help the puss to drain and keep the wound open. Take your dog to the vet if you can but if not at least try to get some antibiotics like clindacure (available from your vet, quite inexpensive) Good luck
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Your dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian.  They can assess the extent of the wound, clean it, and determine if any dead tissue or diseased tissue needs to be debrided (removal of dead or dying tissue to allow healthy tissue to start the healing process).  Infected wounds need to be treated with antibiotics and your dog needs pain mediations to make him comfortable.  This does not sound like mange--if your dog is itching and this is from self trauma it could be secondary to mange.  Your veterinarian can test this dog for mange.
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Well working with the description that you have given I would think that your dog may have gotten injured somehow, by a sharp object or maybe self inflicted wound. Furthermore this wound may have gone unnoticed that lead to the puss coming out meaning it has turned septic. Go and get your dog checked from the nearby dog vet and he may suggest a tube for the wound. Using this tube will cure the dog. If you delay going to the vet this injury may well increase turning into something much more serious.
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The answer to all these questions is the same: Take your dog to a vet! What is the matter with these people.

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My dog has a rash all around his lower neck where his collar was. I removed the collar (which was not to tight- 3 fingers). The area is oozing. I cleaned it but it still keeps looking puss like. What do you recommend?

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