My Dog Has A Lump Inside Her Neck And She's Breathing Hard, Is She Okay?


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Dogs also have lymph nodes in their neck similar to humans. The last time I heard of this I was watching my neighbors lab dalmation mix. One day he didn't really want to get up when I went to let them out. I played with them and it seemed he had very little energy. When I petted him, it seemed that he was gasping for air and he had swelling in the neck like humans do when they have colds. When my neighbors got home, they took him to the vet and found he had lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes). The vet gave him 2 weeks but he hung on for about 6 weeks.

I am not saying this is what your pet has but it may be something like a cold or something to cause the lymph nodes to swell and restrict airflow. Take him to the vet and help him to be comfortable.
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try giving benadryl it might be an allergic reaction to some thing but if this don't work then it might be cancer or swollen limpnodes.yoneed to go to the vet to rule out cancer because it will only get bigger.
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My dog is doing terrible..we took him to the vet for what we thought was a simple ear infection and the vet told me he is blind! My pup is only 7 months old...ever since we found this out he has been extremely uncoordinated, weak in his legs, won't do anything but eat and sleep. The vet told me they suspected a liver shunt due to his abnormal blood work. Has anyone ever heard of these symptoms with a liver shunt?? Now I notice he has a larger than a grape size lump in his neck. Could this be related to the liver shunt? He is going downhill so fast and we are thinking about putting him to sleep...If anyone has any information or advice I would appreciate it!
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I have a yr old boxer with a swollen neck and face. I did give jake some benadryl and it helped some but in two days the swelling was back and bigger than before. I took him to the vet today 4/17/09. They are putting him to sleep monday and cutting him open to see whats in there. Your dog may have eaten something and its stuck. So take him to the vet. The vet bill for the doc. To look at him was only $31.20 they also gave me some meds. For him and three cans of soft dog food. You may need to put him on some to.
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You should get him to the vets just to be safe
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No your dog is not alright. Take her to the vet as soon as possible! Your dog may have a bone caught in her throat and she won't be able to swallow food and will starve to death.

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