My Dog Has Green Discharge Coming Out Of His Eyes. Can You Help?


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Go to the pharmacy anywhere and ask pharmacist for polysporin eye cream it wont be on the shelf you have to ask for it , its about 9 dollars canadian  and a lot cheaper than taking your dog to the vet infact it was my own vet that told me to go get this when my cats had the same type of eye infection as your dog , and it works good luck
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You need to have your dog seen by a vet to get antibiotics and to find out the cause of the infection. As it is Sunday, gently clean your dogs eyes with a soft washcloth, wet the cloth is warm not hot  or cold water, then wring out. Start gently at the corner of the eye and work down and outwards. Only antibiotics and a diagnosis of the problem will heal this infection. Your dog is rubbing on plants to try to remove the infection himself, and could possibly further injure his eyes this way. Help him clean his eyes every 2-4 hours until you can get him to a vet on Monday. Hope all goes well for your pet.
Apparently he has an eye infection which requires an ointment from a vet.....good luck...♥nassy
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Take him to see the vet. It could be nothing, but it could also be serious (that can be a sign of dry eye). Try giving benadryl and if it goes away it might just be allergies but whatever you do consult your vet.

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