My Dog Has A Sudden Lump On The Side Of Her Neck Please Help


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A sudden lump in a dog’s neck can be caused by a variety of things. It is impossible to know for sure what the problem is and if it is serious without taking the dog to the vet. Some of the causes of a lump are simple and require no treatment. Other causes can be dangerous to the dog and require immediate care.
Some dogs have a reaction to vaccinations that can cause a lump to appear. Some pet owners have complained of their dogs acquiring a sudden lump in their neck within days of being vaccinated. This is not a common side effect and should still be reported to the vet to be certain that is what the problem is.
Many dogs are overweight and end up with what are known as fatty deposits. These deposits of fat show up as lumps in various parts of their body. They may even resemble balls. There is no real treatment for fatty deposits and a veterinarian can tell you if that is what is wrong with the dog.
Another common problem with dogs is the development of cysts. A cyst will also appear as a lump and may or may not bother the dog. Generally when a dog gets a cyst it must be drained by the vet and cared for by you while it heals.
Some more serious problems that could be causing the lump are cancer, lymphoma and a thyroid tumor. A visit the vet will rule out any of these more serious concerns. If this is what you are facing you will be able to get treatment started right away.
When you go to the vet you should know as much information as possible. Write down when the lump appeared, if it seems to bother your dog and any changes in behaviour or appetite.
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Is the lump under the skin?  You should have a vet check it if it is - it could just be a fatty tumor or it may be something that needs biopsied.  Is the lump  external?  Can you visibly see something?  Could it be a tick?  If it is tick, depending on how long it has been there, it could appear very large, swollen and blood colored. If it has not been intact long, it may appear like a skin tag, just very hard.  If it is a tick, soak it with alcohol and after about five minutes give it a swift pull out straight out with a good pair of tweezers.  Good luck!
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Well io have a dog that had than and the doctor told me that it was a tumor my dog is a gray hound and it could be types of varieties it starts out little and not bothering her but by the age it gets worse so it could be a type of infection,tumor or cancer check with the vet before its too late
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This could be a tumor developing. Please, take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. The more you wait, the more it develops. The dog also may have changes in mood, and habits. If it does, then you can probably guess its a tumor. Good luck to the dog.
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I would say you should inspect it carefully every day, see if it gets bigger / hard. It could be cancerous. Look at the colour of the lump as well. Is it red and seems infected? Don't leave it for too long. I would say max a week, but then take him to the vet just to be safe.

No need losing a best friend over something that could have been prevented. Good luck
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My dog has a lump on the side of his neck. He was treated with an antibiotic injection about 2wks ago and he had an alergic reaction, whereby under his neck was swollen.When we took him back to the vet he said it was just an alergic reaction to the tick fever antibiotic. After a week he got a lump on the side of his neck which is painless but feels a bit harder. My brother was playing with the dog and cuffed him on the area that he got the injection that is the same area the lump is, but it is not going down if it was a swelling. Please tell me what you think this could be because I am very worried. Thanks
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I found a lump on the left side of my dog. I does not hurt her when I touch it or pinch it, and she is still active, but it does scare me a little. Any ideas as what it my be?
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It could be one of two things a fatty tummor or a mequito bite a fatty tumor is a harmless lump that could either be on the neck or on the side of ribs.
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My advice is to visit the veterinary hospital for diagnosis and treatment. These lumps though mostly are not serious problems (e.g. Lipomas, cysts) but can be malignant ones too. They will perform few test like FNA (Fine needle aspiration) or biopsy to find out what they are made of? So don't waste time sitting at home and looking it grow.
Best luck. Let me know the outcome.
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thank you for your answer, i took her to the vet and he put her on a pill that had two kinds of antibiotics and cortizon in it. and about three days later the lump was gone.. he said he not sure what it was but to keep a lookout and make sure it dont come back...
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Hi I'm 12 years old and my black lab has a lump on her left side and its not vi sable and ill tell my dad when he gets home but any idea on what to do????
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If you have any health concerns over a human or animal its best to take them in to a doctor to find out what is going on... Not ask people in here...good luck
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These lumps can not be diagnosed without physical examination. These can be swollen lymph nodes, fatty tumors, cysts, tumors etc. If antibiotics are not working then these can not be infection. Get proper advice from the vets.

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