Why Do Dogs Like The Smell Of Other Dogs Butts?


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They're animals. It's how they get to know each other just as we know each other by talking.
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G'day Artsiders,

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Dogs have a much better sense of smell than humans. It can tell what the other dog likes to eat, how healthy he or she is and even if a female dog is pregnant or in heat.

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Number one, it is their way of identifying each other. Animals also recognize human scents, that's why they sniff people as they come around. Animals rely on their scents of smell for many things, from checking each other out to seeing if each other could be possible mates. It's quite interesting really. Although, it's a good thing humans don't go around sniffing each others butts, not only would it get annoying but we would not get anything done in life, and everyone would be too busy screwing around. Although here is an interesting fact about humans and others scents: When it comes to finding a mate (girlfriend or boyfriend) we do rely on scent whether we know it or not (pheromones), this is what attracts us to others and visa versa. Problem being, the creation of perfumes and colognes; our scents get covered. Not everyone realizes that you may attract more people without using perfumes and calogns than using them. Interesting isn't it?
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I have 5 dogs & have yet to figure out how their mouths are cleaner then ours after licking where they do let alone why they cant identify another dog by smelling some place other than the butt  :)
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To be social, check each other out, say hi or grrr, and all the other things everyone else mentioned.
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