What Does A Red Nose Miami Blue Pit Bull Look Like?


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The miami blue is a bloodline that started out breeding blue (grey) colored pitbulls, and has branched out to other colors. So miami blue is just the name of that bloodline (such as razors edge or greyline). The red nose just means that the pit bull is red (brown) in color. The name just sounds confusing when you put it all together. But all it looks like is a brown colored pitbull.
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Red nose and Blue nose are color descriptions. Sooo, a blue pit with a light/red colored nose instead of the blue pigment that often goes with the color (resulting in the description of blue nose) bred in miami? No pictures of that dog specifically :-) and you might have to ask the person who does have that dog or one like it but here's some links that can lead you to other pics (show win and other photos on breeder sites) and information.
Whether the pup is bred to standard, close to standard, or an actual purebred would be another question since there are so many dogs bred with larger breeds (not necessarily the parents but in the lines) masquerading as pit bulls that many people are confused about or don't even know what they are actually supposed to look like (and be). Doesn't mean a larger dog isn't a pure bred and just outside of standard but chances are high as things stand now and especially with the lack of verified lineage (AKC Am. Staff or UKC APBT and many are dual and shown with both). SO much confusion, misunderstandings, misidentification and a lack of ethical and responsible breeding with this breed. It's truly tragic. I did a search on the term and couldn't find anything on that description but someone else tryng to find out what that means. Maybe it's how some refer to that shade or blue or something. A lot of terms and descriptions (often made up like teacup ect. In other breeds) so I have no idea.

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