What Does A Boxer And Blue Nose Pitbull Look Like?


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The pit bull and boxer are two popular dog breeds in the US. A blue nose pitbull has a brick-head supported by a thick and sturdy neck. It is one of the most powerfully built dogs in the world and vice-like jaws can do a great deal of damage. Pit bulls have round eyes, cropped ears, and most owners dock the tails of their pit bulls. A boxer has a compact and powerfully-built body and a head that is in proportion to the body. The muzzle of the boxer is short and blunt and it had ears that are set high. Both front and back legs are well-defined and muscled and the tail is naturally set high and is docked by most owners.

Both the boxer and blue nose pit bull breeds of dog, when cared for properly and trained correctly, are wonderful family dogs that can handle and tolerate rough child's play and they are also good watch dogs and guard dogs. Both are active dogs that prefer a yard as they need daily exercise to be healthy and happy. A well brought up boxer and pit bull will get along well with other family pets such as cats.

There has been much print in the media over the past decade on pit bulls attacking people and even killing small children and elderly adults. Much of this can be attributed to people who acquire pit bulls for all the wrong reasons and breed them to be aggressive and train them to fight. If you acquire your pit bull from a reputable breeder and raise it with love and care, you won't have anything to worry about. This has been proven by the highly regarded 'dog whisperer' Cesar Millan, who owned his blue pit bull Daddy for many years. He used Daddy to help train other dogs in his long-running television series, a true testament to the breed. Cesar also worked on a project to prove that all breeds can be trained and controlled, as he adopted puppies of various breeds including another pitbull called Junior.

So if you invest some time and effort in training you'll have a faithful companion that will delight in taking long walks and runs with you and enjoys being in your company every waking hour of the day.

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I have a pit boxer mix. she is the sweetest dog I've ever had and very smart and easy to train. She is wonderful with kids, people and other dogs. She likes to play rough. Especially tug of war and she always wins especially against other dogs. She is about to have puppies, by another blue nose pit.
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You will get a nice mixed breed dog.  A dog does not have to be a purebred to be loyal and faithful. 
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You will get a mixed breed dog, just like all the hundreds down at the shelter,
that will be put to death.Please do not breed mixed breeds, there is no point, you should only breed titled,health tested and proven dogs.
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Our daughter has a boxer and blue pit mix. Ended up about 85lbs, almost completely brindle very muscular. He is the biggest love bug ever but he has some major hip problems that has cost thousands of dollars to repair. :

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A pretty sweet looking dog.. Mine has the pit bull features including the head size and snout. Its not all smashed in like a boxers, yet it has the colors of the boxer.

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