What Does A Staff Cross Pit Bull Look Like?


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American Staffordshire Terrier or American Staffordshire Bull Terrier? Many dogs are dual registered and shown and even titled (champion) with AKC as American Staffordshire Terrier and UKC as APBT. As far as mixing breeds, there is no telling how they may turn out. Mixed breeds can take any traits or combination of traits from the breeds involved with even litter mates ending up completely differently from each other. They don't have set genetics that lead to predictability like a pure bred you are mixing the genetics from more than one breed and widening the possibilities and can't ever be sure how things are going to turn out or how the genes are going to mix together. You might look around on petfinder and here are the breed clubs.  
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Hey, can you go onto my page and answer my latest question about shedding? I'm not satisfied with the answer someone posted lol.
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It all depends on what dominant genes it has inherited, either from its pit bull parent or from its other parent!

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