What Does A Tall Red Nose Pit Bull Look Like?


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"Red nose" or any other color nose is not a breed. When you say tall I'm thinking you mean an American Pit Bull Terrier. Here is a picture of what I think you're asking.
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It's a red colored Pit Bull. Red nose and blue nose are color descriptions and not different breeds or types of dogs. Like a yellow lab, a black lab, and a chocolate lab are all still labs.  A 'red nose' usually has what is called a self colored nose meaning it matches the coat color as does a 'blue nose' but in that case the nose color matches the blue coat color. If you are looking for pit bull traits read the standards and look at show win photos (champions) to see what they are supposed to look like and you can check parent clubs to find out more.
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The picture from above pretty much says it all and the size is managed mostly by the dog line he cams from..parents etc

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