What Does A Pit Bull Look Like?


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There is one true american pit bull terrier they stand between (21-28) in. At the shoulder have a muscular build and shaped like a wedge meaning there chest is wide and tappers in. Please do some true research on them before you get one because there is a lot of back yard breeders out there that are breeding just 4 the money and not the true temperament of the breed witch is loving, well natured, curious and courageous , a very good FAMILY oriented companion.
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There's a few different looks to a pit bull for instance:
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DUH, let's see. Hold on, it's coming to me. Like a pitbull.
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Shaquan sharpe answered nice website pitbulls might be dangerous on tv, but it depends on how they are raised, they are actually beautiful, loving, caring, very protective mammals. I don't know how I know this I've only seen like 3 in real live and touched 2.

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