What Does A Red Nose Pit Bull Look Like?


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It generally refers to a dog with a red nose color. Usually what is known in breeding language as what is known as a 'self' colored nose meaning the nose color matches the coat color. Some people think that at one point the red coloring (that has the self colored nose) was rare and and was recessive and when a pup was born with that coloring it referred to the dogs that linked back to some of the original lines known for that coloring over seas or something like that (the only decent explanation I've ever found that seems to make any sense). Now of course, they are a dime a dozen and the term has taken on a life of it's own and is quite often used in the wrong context.  It isn't a different breed or anything, just a color description. Here are some links to sites with pics (second and fifth links best for pics) and tons of information for you.

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