All Four Paws On Dog Are Swollen/raw/pussing/bleeding. What Do I Do For Him? Yes. I Have Taken Him To The Vet. 4 Times. With 2 Different Vets. They Don't Know What It Is. It's Not Splinters Or Bites. Could He Be Allergic? HELP! He's On Antibiotics!


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Aww poor puppy!
We have a cat who had 3 swollen puffy and dry pads on his feet. It caused him a lot of discomfort walking. I googled it and found "pillow foot"  and suggested it to my vet.   The technical term for it is Plasma Cell Pododermatitis and treatment consisted of a series of three steroid injections (not in his feet thank goodness), and he was back on his feet so to speak.  His feet returned to normal, swelling and redness gone, and happily walking around with no discomfort within  7-10 days.  It's has never returned thank goodness, but at least now I know what it was. I'd never heard of it before and I've had cats all my life.
While it is more commonly seen in cats than dogs, maybe it's worth asking your vet about it?

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