My Dog Hurt His Paw And Was Hopping Around For 2 Days. What Should I Do?


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The first thing to do is check for bleeding in any spot. If there is no bleeding then get cold tap water or hydrogen peroxide to rinse it. Then dab it with a warm damp towel, try to find an old sock and cut the toe part off. As soon as you have done that you can wrap the dogs foot with the sock. To ovid further injuries massage your dogs foot once or twice a day, change the sock two or three times a day. To prevent infection rinse with hydrogen peroxide once a day
Also please for your dogs health please take the dog to the vet within a week of when the injury happened.
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My dog was stung by a bee and had the stinger stuck in his foot between the pads....check him out real good they are hard to see.
If he keeps limping have him checked out.   (While your at it look and see if he tore a toe nail.)
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You should seek veterinary attention. He may have suffered an injury or there may be something more serious like an infection present. Most muscular injuries will recover in a few weeks time but if there is a fracture, intervention may be necessary.
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If you can't take them to the vet, you should
try to massage it a few times a day!
Good Luck~
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Please take him to a vet! If he has something stuck in there it could get infected, and then you & he will have real problems.  If the vet can't find anything wrong, like a sprain or piece of glass, etc., then at least you know he will be ok. Wouldn't you want someone to take you to a doctor if you were in pain and you couldn't bring yourself there?
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Hey whats up my dog hopped around one time couldn't see anything in foot vet said he had a pinched nerve that seemed to worked its self out goodluck later

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