My Dog Grew A Large Lump And His Side Overnight. It's Not Causing Notable Pain. He Still Has All Normal Bodily Functions. The Lump Is Not Real Hard. What Could The Lump Be?


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Dogs don't usually grow masses or lumps very quickly unless they got injured some how and this injury has turned into an infection.  If a dog gets scratched by a cat or another animal, it can easily and quickly become infected.  As it was mention before, you need to use warm compresses to try to get this lump to drain.  I have cats who fight with one another and often begin growing small lumps.  These lumps will keep growing because it is puss under the skin.  I inspect my pets on a daily basis for this type of problem.  The sooner you treat the better off the animal is.  I first look for an entry wound, a dot or scratch to which may have opened the skin to cause this infection.  I then get a warm, wet compress, as hot as my hands can stand it and apply it to the wound.  I hold it there as long as the animal will let me prior to it getting cold.  Even if it is a slight bit warm, I keep holding it as not only is it bringing the infection to a head but the moisture is softening up the scab.  When the compress gets cooled down, I will look again to see if draining has started.  If there is no drainage, I will scrap off the scab myself to purposely get it to drain.  As mentioned before, I will press or squeeze the area to try to drain it as much as possible.  Once I have done this, I will apply antibiotic ointment.  I used to try to pour peroxide on the wound but this can also hurt the animal, especially if it is near the ears or eyes.  Peroxide also causes the wound to heal, you don't want this to heal, you want all the infection to come out.  You need to repeat this at least twice a day but 3 times would be better if you can.  The antibiotic ointment will keep the scap soft and allow for the wound to continue to drain.  It will also help to get rid of the infection as it has antibiotics in it.  You can't use this on small animals but dogs and cat are ok to do this.  Within 24 hours you should notice that the lump is smaller and you should see drainage.  The drainage may or may not have an odor and may also include blood but this is alright as long as it drains.  You also want to keep this wound draining until it is totally cleaned inside because you don't want this to heal from the outside as this will only cause more problems.  If you keep re-opening the wound, you are making it heal from the inside out and heal properly.  It may take a week-week and a half before you can begin allowing it to heal on its own so be prepared to do this for a while.  Continue to watch it for a week or two after you think it is healed to insure it won't flare up again.  If you don't notice any improvement within the first 24 hours, this may not be the cause of your problem and a vet should be contacted ASAP as it may be something more serious.  The care I am explaining is basic first aid for infection and wound healing and nothing more then that.
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This sounds like a lipoma.  This is a tumour of fatty tissue and is usually slow to grow and normally benign.  If it will slide over the dogs body when you move the skin about that is usually a good sign.  If it is fixed to deeper tissues and won't move with the skin that is more worrying.
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Most probably, your dog is having lipomas but can not be diagnosed without physical examination. These lipomas can be present under the skin and don't harm and require no treatment. But sometimes, surgery is performed if the location of the lipomas is awkward or size is too large. Both these conditions can cause irritations.  

Lipomas are soft, rounded and fatty growths under the skin. These lipomas can disturb owners but not dogs to great extent. You should remember one thing, all skin diseases, growths, lumps and bumps on all animal including humans, can not be diagnosed properly without physical and sometimes laboratory test. In my opinion, you have to do something for your dog and take him to vet for proper diagnosis.
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My dog has grown the same exact thing, except in one day. In the morning, she was fine. No lump. At 8p, baseball sized lump on her neck, left side. :( If anybody can help, please help....
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I would recommend inspecting the site very closely to be sure it is not an abscess. If there are any signs of a partly healed bite or scratch, you could use a warm compress to help it come to a head and start draining. If there are any scabs the compress will make them easier to remove, this will also encourage drainage. If it starts leaking puss you are on the right track, continue with the compress and begin flushing it with peroxide. If it does start draining puss try to express as much as possible with a gentle squeezing pressure before cleaning without hurting your dog to much (he will tolerate a bit especially if he knows you are trying to help him) regardless you should probably take him to the vet, who will help you be sure what is going on and give you antibiotics to help him on his way to recovery
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My friend   just had his dogs growths removed,they were large round soft tissue tumors,he waited almost two months before having them removed,and in doing so the dog which is a golden retriever,began to limp on his front paws and his left hind leg,this was do to pain,and because the owner waited so long "sam"the dog had one surgery and then another due to the owners neglect to take care of it when it was first noticed,so you need to get your pet to the Vet.,and let them tell you whether or not it is necessary for them to correct this by surgery,or medications,'sam" is doing much better; but now, he has a permanant limp.I hope this helped

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