My Kittens Paw Is Swollen What Should I Do?


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If it is it able to walk around? Put weight on that foot? If you can't visibly see a mark, see if it will allow you to touch. Leave on the ground or place on a table, stand behind, talk gently, while moving your hand down the forearm to the paw. Most likely will not be happy. If you have help, all the better. Feel for dampness (blood). If none, place thumb over top of paw and gently rub forefinger across pad , then between each toe . Many cats get spurs or hitchhikers caught in their paws are unable to remove themselves. I have a tom-cat who insist on running after anyone or thing he thinks is a danger to me, and ends up catching a tree root or some such thing and damaging his dew claw. If your having a hard time trying this, get a real warm wet cloth ready, hold him/her tight and squeeze the water from the cloth over the paw. Do as often as you can, (when wet, he/she will try to clean) to ward off any possible infection until you can see a vet.
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Two of my cats have a couple of paw pads with a small black pointed spur on the tip?  Could this be the tip of a hookworm or some other parasite?
I have been concerned about parasites since the summer when I had some problems with some plants they played around on my patio.  They also have a waxy substance on some hair shafts.  We've been to two different vets prior to the spur development, which is recent with no luck and very high charges.  I am, unfortunately suffering from unemployment right now and do not want my cats to suffer as a result of it.   Any ideas, suggestions,  help!
My poor Poppy and Eddie.
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I have a 4 week old puppy pit bull he has a swollen paw any suggestions I am a mother of two and don't have money for vet I rescued hem really did not want hem

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