My Dog Has Been Exposed To Fiberglass Insulation, His Stomach Is Very Red And He Itches All The Time. He Does Not Have Ticks, And I Have Only Seen One Or Two Fleas. He Is Given Adams Monthly Flea And Tick Pour On. What Do I Do To Help Him?


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Susan answered
A good bath with oatmeal shampoo since his skin is already irritated. You can pick it up at any good pet supply store and while your there pick up some frontline..... Adams doesn't sound like it's working too well. Is he only scratching on his stomach? Once he is no longer being exposed to the insulation and you give him a good bath, if the insulation was the only problem, the irritation will clear up very quickly... Within a day or two. If it doesn't you need to check into allergies and the insulation, although may have compounded the problem is not his only problem.
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Have you bathed him to get the fiberglass off? Take him to the vet and get him treated with Frontline, it works great, and while you are there he can give you a prescription for his rash. Best wishes. He may have allergies too even though the fiberglass caused the initial irritation. Best wishes

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