My Dog Has Very Dry Skin And Has Patches Of Scabs On His Chest, Behind His Ears, And On His Back. They Do Not Seem To Go Away But Spread. I Wash Him With A Medicated Shampoo For Dry Skin But It Is Not Working. He Does Not Have Fleas Or Ringworm.what Could It Be?


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Many skin disorders have a similar presentation and it is not possible to say what is causing these signs without doing diagnostic tests. Causes including inhaled allergies, contact allergies, food allergies, infection with bacteria or fungus, autoimmune disease, and external parasites. You will need to visit your vet to start the process of investigation. Tests your vet might do include skin scrapings, smears, a woods lamp examination, fine needle aspirate, and hair shaft examination. Depending on the results further testing may be warranted and include biopsy, elimination diets and allergy testing.
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I have a new dachshund puppy, he has areas where his hair is thin. I got the vet to do a skin scraping, since we were told his littermates had Demadex mange. He tested negative. Don't bathe him often. That depletes the natural oils in his skin & coat.. With yours having lesions, he needs a skin scraping for sure I would think..

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