My Guinea Pig Makes A Purring Noise When You Stroke Her Back. Is That Normal?


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Yeah, that's totally normal - it means that your guinea pig is happy!

Do Guinea Pigs Like Their Backs Being Stroked?
Usually, yes. Guinea pigs love affection, and if they're not trying to get out of your lap, then you can usually take that as a good sign that they're enjoying being stroked.

How To Stroke A Guinea Pig
  • Keep away from the face
  • Keep away from the butt
  • Stroke in the direction that the hair grows
  • Stroke in slow, gentle movements
Guinea pigs also make strange noises when they're upset, so if she sounds as if she's growling more than purring, then you might be hurting her.

Video Of A Purring Guinea Pig
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Yes, the purring sound your guinea pig makes when you stroke her is completely normal. It means she likes it.
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That is a good sign! It means it is enjoying itself... Once you have had your pig for a while, you will notice it will make different noises.

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