My female guinea pig is due to have babies soon. When will i know she is ready to give birth? I did a research online and many people are saying that female guinea pigs squeak. Also when can I handle her babies? As I know she will eat her young


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I've raised over 100 guinea pigs & still own 13. I have never known the mother to eat her young & I handled the babies immediately to make sure they were well & healthy. Most times they actually have their babies at night when its quiet & you wake up to little ones. If its close to her time just give her privacy so shes not nervous & remove her from other adults guinea pigs. You'll love it & congrats. By the way they can actually start eating regular food almost right away even though they are nursing.
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I had a pregnant pig, and she squeaked when she was about to give birth. Also, she never ate her young, I believe only hamsters and other rodents do that. And you can handle her babies an hour or two after they were born or even sooner to check their health.. My family did to cut off the cord on the baby's belly. Also, if you hold it a certain way that regular pigs don't like, it will think that is an okay way to be handled and allow you! (I haven't done this, but only certain moves are fine. DON'T put your guinea pig upside down! EVER!)
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The mom will not eat the babies, but other adults may. So remove her from a public cage and into a separate until the babies are about a week or two old. And watch out, because sometimes the adults nip and the babies and rip at their ears.
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A guinea pig will never eat her young. Not even if they are dead, you can handle the baby immediately, but then give the mother one day and watch if they are nursing. Then, gradually, get the baby used to being handled. Also, my guinea pig gave birth after she bled in her vaginal area. She gave birth about five mins. After that.

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