My Guinea Pig Is Making Horrible Breathing Nosies. Can You Help?


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I would ask if they have done a thorough oral cavity exam.  Guinea pigs can develop tooth root abscesses--the roots of some teeth are very close to the nasal cavity and can cause upper respiratory-like signs.  Depending upon the area of the country fungal infection may be a concern.  The nasal discharge can be cultured for specific bacteria and/or fungi.
There are veterinarians that specialize in exotics--have your veterinarian refer you to one.  They see more exotic cases and may have more experience with uncommon diseases seen in guinea pigs.
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AS I said in a response before, it could be the bedding. MANY  wood shaving bedding give off dust and this fine dust (like microscopic splinters) get into their nose, throat, and lungs. Try a compressed pellet bedding made from newspapers or newspapers & hay ( Be aware he will eat some of the hay which is OK, but also may shred the newspaper  and the ink may stain his/her light fur  AND.make sure ink is non-toxic)... Sounds like you already tried the vet...give this a try .  I hope this works..
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I am having the same problem with my guinea pig at the moment. He had a steroid + antibiotic jab on Monday, tuesday another antibiotic jab and then he has been having to get antibiotic drops in his water, he got the all clear on friday from the vet and then Sunday morning he was back to his sneezing and horrible raspy breathing noises again. I changed his bedding to newspaper and hay as per vets advice. Any advice?? Really worried about him.
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IT could be the bedding. Wood shavings (If that was what you were using) can affect their respiratory system. Also there may be a long shot possibility he's having an allergic reaction to something he's eating. You might want to remove one item your feeding him for 2-3 days and see if it makes a difference. IF not take away something else. Based on your story I suspect its the bedding.. HAS the new bedding made a difference?

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