What Do You Do When You Guinea Pig Is Wheezing?


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If your guinea pig is having difficulty breathing take her to a veterinary clinic immediately.  You can check her gums to see if they are still pink--this will tell you if she is oxygenating appropriately.  Note if there are any obstructions in her oral cavity. 
Make sure it is not too hot in your room and she isn't overheated. 
Do not give any medication without consulting with your veterinarian.  Exotic pets are a lot smaller than people, dogs, and cats.  They often need microdoses of medications. 
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Defininately check her gums, make sure they are pink.  If not, take her to the vetrinarian immediately.  Also, sometimes Guinea Pigs can make sounds like wheezing, that are really just natural sounds.  Are the sounds in time with her breathing?  If not, she may stop making the sound on her own.  If they are, keep a close watch on her.  If it seems to be getting worse, take her to the Vet.  Also, she may not be drinking enough or she may be overheated.  Give her some extra water, and, if it's hot, sprinkle some water on her.  See if she stops wheezing.  Also, your Guinea Pig may have asthma.  You may want to research Guinea Pig Asthma on the internet.

If none of these things work, your default response should be to take her to a Veterinarian immediately.  Good luck!

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