Can Dog Flea/tick Shampoo Be Used To Bathe Cats?


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Many dog flea/tick products contain pyrethrin or permethrin--these chemicals are toxic to cats. They cause neurological signs and are potentially fatal in cats. If you have applied a product containing these chemicals to your cat wash your cat with liquid dish washing detergent then take the cat to your veterinarian.
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I will agree that regular commercial dog shampoos should not be used on cats.  Cats have very thin skins and should never use harsh commercial soaps or shampoos, especially those containing essential oils.  It can be fatal for cats.

On the contrary, there is a very mild and gentle pet soap/shampoo you can use for dogs and cats.  It is handcrafted and made with natural ingredients.  It is so mild it can be used for pregnant and seizure prone pets.  It is an unscented soap that cleanses, conditions, repels and kills fleas immediate;y upon taking a bath.  Since it is unscented, it is good for animals with sensitive skin.

I found it at:

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