Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Caecotrophs (pooped Out Vitamins) Right Away? So It Is OK For Me To Clean Their Cage Once Or Twice A Day? I'm Not Taking Away Their Chance To Eat Their Caecotrophs By Doing That, Right?


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According to Wikipedia:
"Most grass-eating mammals are quite large and have a long digestive tract; while guinea pigs have much longer colons than most rodents, they must also supplement their diet by coprophagy, the eating of their own feces. However, they do not consume all their feces indiscriminately, but produce special soft pellets, called cecotropes, which recycle B vitamins, fiber, and bacteria required for proper digestion. The cecotropes (or caecal pellets) are eaten directly from the anus, unless the guinea pig is pregnant or obese." 
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The guinea pigs have two types of Caecotrophs. The Hard and soft one. They eat only soft one and leave the hard one. So clean the cage of your guinea pig once in a day and leave soft one for them and remove hard one. You should also change the complete bedding after one week to 10 days. For more details, visit guinea pig food.

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