My Fiance' Cut Off My Cats Whiskers Too Short (he Never Had A Cat) And Did Not Know Any Better. Is This Harmful To My Cat? Plese Advise. The Whiskers Are Only 2 Inches Long Now. Help


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A cat's whiskers are very important as they work with the cat's sense of smell. You may notice that if a cat detects an odor the whiskers will move along with the cat's nose. Whiskers are also eye protection by feeling something sharp or large near the face which produces the cat's eyes to blink.

I have heard that a cat uses the whiskers to measure a space to see if he will fit into the space but I am not sure if this is true or not.

Your cat's orientation and motions can be impaired by loss of the whiskers. They will grow out again. Please let your bf know that the cat has whiskers for a reason and they should not be cut.
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The cat may appear clumsy since it uses it's whiskers to feel around it's way but there is no real danger as they will soon grow back.
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Uh he wasnt supposed to do that. The whiskers help with the balance and measurements. So I would tell my fiance to not do it again. If hes never had a cat and didnt know this he shouldn't have cut them in the first place.

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