Can I Use Dish Soap To Wash 4 Weeks Old Kitten, To Get Rid Of Fleas?


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NO NO NO! You will need to wash everything around the kittens and mom. But do not use soap. Get cat flea shampoo at your vet or local market and put a little in a sink full of water. You want to make sure you get the areas they like to nest. Behind the ears, under the neck, in their pits and such. Make sure it's mild and make sure you rinse them very well. But no dish washing liquid. Good luck!
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I got this tip from a pet shelter!  Do not use flea soap on tiny kittens!! Dangerous!!  Use gentle kitten soap -  do not wet the kitty.  Use straight soap and lather up nice thick lather.  Then, and this is the hard part, keep kitty in this thick lathered state for about 5-10 minutes.  This will kill the fleas.  Rinse thoroughly.  Re-lather if necessary.  This absolutely works perfectly, uses no harmful chemicals, and is completely safe.  I've done it and swear by it.
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Use a flea shampoo yes.. And then something that I found really helps to prevent fleas and get rid of them is baby powder.. Try it maybe it works for you too...
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I would not use dish soap on these kittens.  Stop by the pet store or your veterinarian
for an appropriate pet shampoo that can be used in young kittens.  Either way bathing the kittens with soap
alone will not remove the fleas.  Ask
your veterinarian what products they carry—they will have products safe for use
in kittens.  If you shop on your own be
very careful what you give or put on the kittens—make sure they are for kittens
that young.  The mother will also need to
be treated for fleas.  Any products used
on her need to be safe for nursing kittens. 
Products applied on the skin need to be safe for the kitten too as the
kittens will spend a lot of time nuzzling mom and may get products on their

Be careful bathing young kittens—make sure they do not get
too cold. 

Good Luck!
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Don't use soap on a kitten, it's too harsh on their skin. You want to use a flea shampoo. You can get it at the store in the aisle for cats toys and food and stuff. Hope this helps, good luck, pet the kitty for me.

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