I Have 4 New Born Kittens Born Outside . 2 Weeks Old. Can I Bring Them In And How Do I Feed Them. With Eyedropper?


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Before moving them, be absolutely, 100% certain the mother has abandoned them. Just because you don't see the mother around doesn't mean that she has abandoned them. She could be away for a long time, even days, and the kittens would probably still be okay. Do the kittens seem like they are constantly hungry? Also, don't be watching for the mother constantly, either, because the mother will likely be too scared to come back.
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Yes you can bring the kittens but take them to the wet a vaccinate them and you actually need not feed it with a eyedropper you can pour some milk in the bowl and then feed them.try this you may succeed I have gone through this, all the best
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You should get some kitten formula and a pet nurser -baby bottle-
make a tiny hole in the nipple ,and feed the kittens every 3 also need to massage the stomach with a soft cloth ,since the can't pass out anything till they past 3 weeks old.normally the mother cat licks them clean.  At 4 weeks start to introduce them to a mini litterbox,watch that they don't eat the litter.slowly they can start eating the milk formula at 45 weeks from a little saucer mix some baby cereal in .later some propan kitten can food-just a bit till they get used to it.take them to the vet for shots and exam at 8 weeks
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I don't know where you live, but here in Connecticut it has been record-setting cold for the last 4 days. I would definitely bring them in now matter where you live. I would think they are totally defenceless against any predators like possums, racoons, wild dogs, etc.

It sounds like the mother has abandoned them. An eye dropper would work and so would a preemie baby bottle. But no matter what, please bring them in, if only for the protection and the comfort being nurtured.

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