How do i make my kitten stop drinking from a syringe and start lapping?it does not want to.p.s it was abandoned


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I'll tell you something here... Both of my cats are weird..... Neither will just drink from a bowl out right... Now it may not be quite the same situation, but maybe it can shed some light I do hope.
See neither cat can seem to perceive water in a bowl, they dip their noses in it and get utterly freaked out by the event.
So I need to give them both water on a plate basically... Shallow enough that they can see the bottom, and work it out on their own.
They now, at the ages of 5 and nearly 4 drink from a bowl, but even still prefer to dip their paws in it and lap it up from their feet... Odd behavior, hairy water in minutes..... But none the less they have learned... Somewhat...
Not sure what your specific issue is, hope you can get it resolved or find a nice medium to work within... All the best with you and your feline friend.
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Hi. Are you sure your kitten is 6 weeks old? Maybe he/she is younger and not yet ready to lap. If currently feeding from a syringe, try moving on to a bottle with rubber teat specifically made for kittens, and kitten formula. (don't use cows milk, it will cause diarrhoea and possibly cause allergies as kitten grows.) Is kitten eating solids yet? From the age of about 4 1/2 weeks, kittens can be slowly introduced to tinned kitten food, but make it even more mushier with warm water until kitten gets used to it. Then gradually over the following week or so, reduce the amount of water, until kitten is eating the food like it comes straight out of the can. Use kitten food not adult cat food, as the kitten food has more nutrients and calories required by a growing body.
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It's not quite old enough to lap yet- just keep letting her feed from the syringe for a little longer- but always offer her a little dish with milk or water in it.

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