What Is The Mucus That Came Out Of My Cats Rear?


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Occasional mucous in the feces can be normal.  Monitor the litter box closely over the next few days to see if she develops soft stool, diarrhea, or bloody stool.  If the mucous continues or any of these signs start have her examined by a veterinarian. 
A urinary tract infection would not cause mucous in the stool. 
Intestinal parasites, dietary indiscretion, stress, and intestinal bacterial overgrowth are the most common things that cause mucous in the stool along with diarrhea.
Also monitor her thirst, appetite, and energy closely.  If these decrease have her examined.
You could also drop off a fecal sample at your veterinarian to run parasite and bacterial testing.
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This is not necessarily mucus. Now, I know this sounds gross, but if this happens again, take note of the smell of it. ( I know, I know... Lol) If it has a sort of sour smell to it, chances are that your kitty is just releasing the contents of her anal sacs. This is completely normal and naturally happens when a cat (or dog) goes #2. Sometimes it just happens randomly, too. It is a yellowish, sour and stinky liquid. If this is what it is, be glad hers are working properly, because if they do not empty like theyre supposed to, they can become impacted and infected.
If it is indeed mucus, however, sometimes this happens when the poops are too firm. I don't know where you live, but I know that during shedding season my cats need a little help just by getting an inch or so long ribbon of hairball gel 2-3 times a week. This can help tremendously.
Hope this helps!
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My 3 year old, neutered male cat has recently developed a clear, slimy liquid (like mucous) that seems to be coming from his rear area. He is still eating, but not like normally, and seems to want to be outside as usual. Not long ago, he was on antibiotics for an unknown infection that affected his eye and made him terribly lethargic and he ceased eating or drinking.
He typically goes potty outdoors and since there are 3 other cats in the household (none with these same symptoms), it is hard for me to evaluate his urinary or bowel habits. No sign of worms and he has been tested for just about every disease known to cats not too long ago.
We love our cats as much as our kids, but the expense is killing us. Please help.
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If the cat is pregnant then that mucus is perfectly normal because when my dog was pregnant there was thick mucus coming out of her and my mum phoned the vets and the vets said it was just because she was pregnant. I would think that your cat is due to have her kittens anytime. Don't WORRY IT IS NORMAL
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The yellowish discharge looks like an infection. On type of infection  called pyometra is life threatening. I advise you to take your cat to vet for proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
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I have a Chinchilla cat aged 13 years.   Yesterday when brushing her, I thought I saw mucus from her rectum, and noticed 2 small whitish like marks at the side of the rectum.   The odour was awful, could this possibly be from the anal glands?   She is eating well, drinking water and does not seem to be in discomfort.   Because it is winter and her coat is long, I give her a "kitty laxative" about 3 times a week (animal laxative in a tube).
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My 6 month old kitten randomly has these long sneezing bouts; she sneezes like 15-20 times back to back.  On two occasions, she has had an inch long, hard string of pinkish "snot" come out.  It almost seems like solid string covered in a picking mucus.  There is a hard center and feels like gristle.  (I used a tissue once to pull it from the end of her nasal passage and could feel the hardness of the middle.  Weird.)  She is perfectly normal, has no discharge from eyes or nose...just sneezes every now and again, probably to get this hard thing out of her sinuses.  What is it?
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Sounds like there is some type of infection that may have started in the stomach which caused the pucking and now has moved into digestive track coming out the other way.  Probably an infection left untreated.  Check with vet may need antibiotics
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The mucus in eyes, from nose, anus or vagina in cats indicates infection. Your cat might be having urinary tract infection or bladder infection leading to mucus secretion. Take her to Vit to diagnose type of infection which can be bacterial or viral and then get treatment.
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There is something wrong with your cat. May be it has eaten something wrong.

It can be due to Hairball problem so try to take your cat to doctor so that it can get rid of this fetal disease.
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There could be many different reasons for this, you really need to get the cat seen by a vet, it could be something simple or something serious. Hope this helps.

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