Why Do Cats Eat The Afterbirth When They've Had A Kitten?


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Cats eat the afterbirth because of instinct. This is to prevent any predators smelling searching out the kittens to devour.
They generally eat the placenta after they have ensured the kittens are safe and washed down. Cats usually will remove the sac from around kittens when they are born and then they will lick them all over to encourage circulation in the newborn's bodies.
There is also a rumor that it is done as it will give the mother extra nutrients that they have lost while giving birth. The placenta is made of vital nutrients such as protein and the cat will have lost much of this during giving birth and so tries to replenish lost nutrients.
After birth, cats may discharge fluid for up to 10 days. To remove the placenta you may have to tie some dental floss around it. This will cause it to fall off the cat. Do nothing else as it may cause problems for the cat.
There are numerous things to consider when a cat has kittens. Do not disturb the cat and watch from afar. If the cat runs into difficulties such as a long labor then consult the vet about it as soon as possible to try and sort out any issues. If kittens can't breathe check their airways. Cats who have never have had kittens before may be startled and not know how to take care of kittens when they come out, so keep a close eye on them until the cat gets back to normal.
This should all make for a healthy and care-free birth and pass no heed if your cat eats the afterbirth, it is completely natural.
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It is absolutely normal for a cat to eat afterbirths. It is very natural for a cat because it contains nutrition in it. An animal can not find its food right after giving birth to young ones so it starts fulfilling its nutritional requirements this way. If you think your cat is shy or very wild, then leave it alone for a while and do not interrupt it. Don't touch or examine kittens for few days.
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I think that is fine as long as you could be sure in a minimalistic way that the mother and kittens are in good shape after the ordeal of birthing. One must make plans to intercede if needed, and prepare the environment accordingly, if the mom cat is not inclined to be nice. You could also be surprised to learn that cats are very good at sensing their dependence on humans and could be yielding if they perceive benefit.
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Yes, it's normal. Apart from cleaning up the mess (cats like to be clean) the placenta is a fantastic source if iron so it does her good to eat it.
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Believe it or not, some humans have eaten the placenta of their newborn. It is full of nutrients and especially in the wild it helps keep the mothers strength up for feeding her young as she will be exhausted after her ordeal. In medicine placenta has been used for many treatments.
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Yes it is perfectly normal.Cats sometimes feel like they need to Dispose items(cats need to clean) and may feel the kitten is in the way.
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I once read that's because it contains a hormone called Oxytocin and will help her initiate breast feeding...
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The placenta is very good for the cat health-wise, it contains lots of iron and other important minerals. It also makes a chemical in the brain that makes the cat love the kitten more. Meaning that it increases the chances of the cat accepting her litter, because sometimes cats decline their young.

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