Can I Feed A Two Week Old Kitten Evaporated Milk?


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Diana Blahblahblah Profile
I wouldn't. Why not go to the 24 hour walmart and buy the kitten formula and bottle? It's super cheap and better than getting a newborn kitty sick. Evaporated milk is all sugar and fat and idk if thats got any nutrients that the baby cat needs or if it would be a shock to their system.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
No, you don't want to do that. It isn't good for the kitten. You really need the kitten formula, and a bottle with a small nipple for it. Other than that, you could use a little whole milk, but never ever evaporated milk. Hope this helps you out. Best of luck to you and the kitten. ^_^
Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
If it's an emergency, cut in half with water and a little whole milk, heat till just luke warm. Very true, kitten formula milk is not costly, try to get as soon as possible. Get a preemie nipple while your at it.
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michelle cherry answered
You would have to water it down- alot.... I agree with Derana, just go to the pet store and buy the kitty product... 

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