My Pitbull Is Very Scary Towards Other Dogs. Why Is That?she Is A Year Old.why Do She Act Like That.


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Pitbulls may have more aggressive tendencies than some breeds but don't let anyone blame her problems on her breed. There's no reason your pit can't be retrained and socialized to stop her from attacking other dogs. The key is understanding what is making her behave that way. One of the biggest motivators for one dog to attack another is food aggression. If the dog is hungry or exhibited food aggression or anxiety as a puppy, it may be reacting with hostility to fend off other contenders for its food source (whether real or imaginary). Another primary cause for aggression is defense of territory, and pitbulls do tend to be territorial. Finally, some dogs react aggressively out of fear. Instead of running or backing down, they put on a show, complete with bared fangs, growling, lunging, etc. The first thing to do is establish yourself as the "alpha" and make sure your dog respects you 100%. After some socialization, a firm "no!" from you should stop your dog in his tracks if she's going after another dog. Start socializing her by exposing her to older, well-trained dogs who won't be intimidated by her behaviors. After she knows her place with them and shows physical signs of submission rather than dominance, take her out in public often. At first, put a non-metal muzzle on her then as she gets better behaved, remove that, but always keep her leashed. That way if she gets into a brawl with another dog, you'll be right there to break up the fight. If you can afford it, a basic obedience training class, where she will be forced to tolerate and ignore other dogs, would be good for her. I train and rehabilitate rescued wolves and wolfdogs, and that can be challenging but understanding the basic motivations behind canine behavior helps a lot.
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U know i rescued my pitbull from the pound and she would love to play with other dogs but when my husband and I finally try she gets nasty!! I'm going out to buy her a muzzle this week and then taking her to the dog park up the road and putting her in the single part to see how she reacts on the other side of the fence first!! I'm really upset that she doesn't have the chance to play and have fun with other dogs! My husband actually said that he read about them and that they are more people dog
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Pitbulls are naturally aggressive. Or maybe it's that when your dog was a puppy, it wasn't exposed to other animals such as dogs, or cats. I know that my dog wasn't exposed to cats when he was small, and he ended up paralysing my favorite cat, and then my cat died. (if you even care, my cat's name was Georgie) =(
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You probably did not socialize her well-enough when she was younger. It's not too late. Buy her a muzzle and take her to the park.
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Pit Bulls were bred to fight other dogs so I believe some of it is genetic, but as has been mentioned, dogs need to be socialized to their own kind. Many are separated from other dogs when weaned, and they spend their whole time with humans, and so they do not know how to get along with other dogs. I would do as Wolfdogs advise you. He obviously knows about dangerous dogs and canines. You absolutely have to be the Alpha with your dog. I use dog psychology on mine, and it definitely works when you understand how the canine social system works.

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