How To Rehabilitate A Pitbull That Was Used For Fighting?


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Lots of love and time, and unfortunately it will never be completely rehabilitated. You have to understand that a dogs mind and thought process is no where near that of a humans. Although they can be very smart animals. My buddy has a pitbull that was fought and I think its great people like you take them in because a shelter will put a pitbull to sleep within 24 - 48 hours even if its the nicest dog in the world. My wife's uncle use to fight them and even though I hated it ive still seen first hand the damage it causes. Physically and mentally. God bless you brother
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47 out of 49 of Michael Vick's fighting dogs are being rehabilitated, with many of them succeeding and finding homes. Some are even therapy dogs now. The best thing to do is to find a Pittie rescue or animal organization near you that can give you some tips and maybe even assist you. The ASPCA did a lot of work with Vick's dogs - might be a good starting point.

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