What do you think of pitbulls? Staffordshire terriers - staffys?


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I have 4 kids and  2 pit bulls I'v had other breed types.pits and labs are the only other pure breed type dogs I would have, I prefer a highly intelligent dog, some people claim they are vicious but any dog can be bad tempered, the way a dog acts is a reflection of the way it was raised. A dog with no discipline that doesn't know boundaries will ultimately be a bad dog. A dog that is rewarded correctly, taught basic commands and given the rite type of discipline will turn out just fine. A pit bulls keen sense is often reflected through its training, I say often because I have been raised around pit bulls, and have seen a couple with very little to no training turn out o.k. . But yes they can be a nightmare if raised wrong, if you take a dog that was essentially used as a hunting dog to hang from wild bore, bear, and other extremely dangerous wild game, then make it mean you got a big problem. If you use reason though wouldn't you agree that all dogs are animals capable of bitting and being aggressive if raised wrong? Pit bulls are very popular don't you think that it makes since that the most owned breed would have more bites because of poor owners or people not capable of giving to the needs of the animal?
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I love em, I like all dogs and cats and really most animals.
It isn't the dog which is mean, it is the people who condition them to be mean.
My friend has a couple boxers, and people are scared of them, but because of their upbringing they are just like muscular babies... Who could kill me, but they wouldn't dare.
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I have four little boys and I have four pits and they are like my big babys too cause they all act like it but let us go to bed and they are in full blown gaurd and don't play.its the owner not the breed I would kill someone over my dogs just like my kids the only bad thing I have to say is when something happens to one of them the others don't take it to well they can die or get sick or get mad other then that pits are no different then any other dog.
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Oh my god I love pitts, I help my grandfather raise them :)
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Carleigh Fouquette
Shaweet! My old pitty is startin to get bad hips I'm trying to convince my mom to get another one when he goes, or sooner lol, he seems so happy when my buddy brings his puppy here, lol also a little pitty lab cross
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I have a staff who is 10 but still acts like a 2 year old
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I have to say that I quite dislike them. I have dealt with a lot of dogs in my life, including police and forces trained dogs. I have only ever been attacked by one (when I had my back turned to it)... It was a Staffy. There was no provocation and I was lucky to get away with a ripped jacket. On another occasion I witnessed a Pit bull released for a run on a park and it immediately savaged a small dog being taken for a walk, on a lead,  by an old lady. It was horrific. However, when you speak to owners of this type of dog, they are always very defensive and tell you how gentle theirs is. Besides all this, I find them very ugly. ....    You did ask... !
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Carleigh Fouquette
Haha wow, thanks for your opinion, kinda funny that you assumed I was going to not like it before you even posted it lol...."You did ask!" haha, umm btw I get that alot, like when I walk my dog and people are like "oh my! Why isnt there a muzzel on that animal" but really it is the people that make the dog, watch some dog whisperer sometime. His big dog Daddy(r.i.p) was a big pitty and the best dog he had
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So lantern are you saying you have never seen any other dog go after another one before wow you dont know too much about dogssss and by the way dogs can tell how people are rather they are good or bad maybe that dog you tell you already didnt like it and wanted to give you a reason not to like it.
cassie faith
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You are an idiot you have no idea where those dogs came from or if they were beaten their whole lives and were simply scared and trying to protect themselves. You shouldn't judge the breed if you have never met one personally and seen how wonderful they really are. It is the owner that makes the dog act the way it does. So if the dog is being abused and is scared to even move then eventually one day it is going to try and protect itself, and it is because of the owners actions.
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I love pitbulls I think they are a really good breed of dog I have a 3 year old pit and she is the best dog I ever had she is so loveing and gentle and really good with my 1 year old niece most people don't like pits because they think they are really aggressive dogs but thats not true it all in how you raise them and thats what I think about pitbulls
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I have a staffy a pomaranian and trying to get a 14 week pit puppy so I love them all just have questions I would like answered before I get the puppy
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I love pits, they are the perfect dog. Many people think they are viscous (sorry if I misspelled that) but I believe that it is the owner that makes the dog who it is. I have a 8 month old pit/lab mix and he is the most loving dog I have ever had.  People who think they are so horrible do not truly know the breed and only believe what they see on television. They are stupid and should learn not to judge a book by its cover, and think that just because they saw a Pitbull barking on the news that they are all monsters. They are the sweetest creatures on this Earth.

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