My Dog Is Acting Very Lethargic And Her Nose Is Warm And Dry, Why?


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If the weather is too hot then your dog can show these signs and it is just due to normal weather change. But if your dog is showing different behavior and there is too much lack of energy that is making it lethargic then check its temperature immediately. Its temperature should be between 102 degrees and 100 degree. In this case its breathing and pulse rate would not be normal. Check its eyes. Are they also showing symptoms like bulge, redness, and yellowish, dull or discharging something? Take it to vet soon as your dog is suffering from fever.
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I don't want to worry you but this happened to my Springer and after ages of to and fro to the vets, she was diagnosed with a heart disorder. The result was a pacemaker. She is 6 years post op now, so all turned out well. I am not trying to be dramatic, only save you a lot of time potentially. Good luck. Dave

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