My Dog Is Panting Very Rapidly, 120 + Per Minute. She Won't Sit Or Lay Down And Her Breath Smells Very Different. She Is 14 + Years Old. Why?


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Your dog needs to be investigated for many conditions and diseases. As your dog is over 14, he is more prone to have congestive heart failure and kidney diseases. Bad breath can be due to kidney problem. Most common causes of excessive panting in dogs are

1. Heartworm
2. Congestive heart failure
3. Hypothyroidism
4. Fever
5. Conditions of fear and excitement

Your dog needs to go to vet for following diagnostic procedures.

1. Complete general examinations
2. Blood tests
3. Chest x-rays
4. ECG
5. Echo cardiogram
6. Blood pressure measurements

So, take your dog to vet.

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