My Dog Has Labored Breathing, Loss Of Appetite, Lethargic, Just Finished Course Of Antibiotics For Possible Pneumonia


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It is difficult to diagnose symptoms in a dog unless you are a vet or animal specialist but could the reason be that the course of antibiotics was not long enough? If the pneumonia has not properly gone and he has stopped taking medication for it then the dog may well show these symptoms.

  • Other possibilities
Another reason could be that these symptoms are just an after effect or the antibiotics as medication can cause drowsiness or lethargy in dogs. The best thing to do is to keep an eye on him, make sure he is warm and at least hydrated. But if the dog is lethargic and breathing hard then it may be that you will need to take him back to get examined as it could be a new infection or illness that needs treatment sooner rather than later.

  • If you are still concerned...
The best thing to do is if you are ever worried about his health especially if the dog has labored breathing then it is best to take him to a professional to get checked out. If you can't afford the vets fees then you could look into some dog charities as they sometimes help with vet fees and sometimes even have vets that you can take them to where the fees are either non existent or considerably lower. So, if money is a worry then phone up your local dog charities as they may be able to help or at the very least recommend how you could get help with the money for the examinations and tests.
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All these problems can be due to the use of antibiotics. These medicines along with killing bacteria of pneumonia also killed the beneficial bacteria especially vitamin B complex forming bacteria. Due to deficiency of vitamin B complex in the body. Give her a supplement of vitamin B complex.

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