How Can You Tell If A Dog Is Dead?


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If she lies there 10 hours without moving and eyes shut tonge off to side looks dry & belly not moving also paws get little stiff
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You can also shine a light on the pupils.  They should constrict. If they don't that's a very good sign the animal is not alive.
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Check to see if the dog is breathing by placing a glass or something refective up to his or her nose 2nd watch to see if the dogs stomach is moving
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Well I just needed answers but I think it's dead

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I'm wondering the same thing with my dogs death.Her eyes would not shut and her Ora dell stuck out.When I pushed her Ora dell in and closed her eyes, the Ora dell would come out and her eyes would open though she appeared to be dead and she was put down by the vet that assured me she was gone.After reading some reviews of this vet I found out many people felt he was greedy and cost cutting.My question is this, did he really in fact put her down or just put her to sleep? I buried my dog and wonder if in fact she was heavily sedated.I will not go back to this vet because initially she was brought in for a limp leg which I believed was neurological, he assured me it was "just a sprain".When it got worse within a couple of days I phoned him and his response was I should take her to Ora dell Animal Hospital which I did and was told she had severe arthritis and needed a biopsy.After the biopsy I was told she had bone cancer.Being the trustworthy person that I am I went back to this vet to put her down.I wish I never went to this vet in the first place!Before a choosing a vet do research and read as many reviews available.Hint: If there are no positive reviews or a lack of any reviews, move on till you find one that is pleasing.

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