Why Is My Dog Breathing Heavy, Not Active, And Loss Of Appetite/?


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These are very concerning clinical signs.  Heavy breathing and lethargy can be a primary lung problem, a cardiac or circulatory problem.  Any of these can result from serious disease.  I would definitely recommend having your pet examined by a veterinarian.  Your vet will take a full history of the problem and during the physical exam they can listen to your pet's lungs and heart and evaluate your pet's pulse and circulation.  
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Why is my dog breathing heavy not active and loss of appetite
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I took my dog to the vet a week ago and she had a ear infeaction, other than that they told me she was fine. Today she started breathing heavy again and she is now drewling and looks out of it
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Why are you asking this question and not on your way to the vet,he needs to be able to breathe in order to live...good luck

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