Can I Give My Dog Liquid Children's Benadryl?


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First and foremost it mut be stressed that self medicating your dog is never a good idea. If your dog is not well is is paramount to speak to your vet before administering and medication as it could make matters worse rather than better. The dose is based on your dogs weight as as no two dogs weigh the same it should not be assumed that the dosage will be the same either.Childrens Benedryl can be given to dogs but you must speak to your vet to confirm the correct dosage as it is very easy to overdose your dog if you are not following proper veterinary advice.  The dose is roughly 1mg per pound of body weight and the dose repeated every 8 hours. If you need to give your dog more than this then a vets advice should be sought immediately.Benedryl is an antihistamine drug for human use to help with hayfever and allergy symptoms but it is considered safe to use for your dog and cats as well. It is popular with dog owners as it can stop itching and help with any irritations of the skin as well as travel sickness as it acts as a mild sedative.There are, however, circumstances where it cannot and should not be used. If your dog has heart disease, prostate disease or glaucoma or is on any other medication then it should not be use without express permission from your vet as the benedryl will interact with any medication that your dog is on.If Benedryl is used should any symptoms occur such as diarrhoea, agitation, drowsiness, laboured breathing, vomiting or loss of appetite a vet should be called and advice sought.
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I was told by a vet that depending on weight a dog can take either liquid or pill form.the usual dose for most dogs is 25mg. This may help some of the itching
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I have a 10lb chihuahua how much childrens benadryl can I give
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Yes, it is very common practice. You go by the weight just like you would a child. My dog weighs about 65 lbs and I give her a whole pill when she has irritations. If you can get her to drink it, good luck!
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Thank you.
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yes you can give your dog benadryl but call the vet to ask them how much.
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Liquid benedryl can contain alcohol so generally it shouldn't be used for pets.

Maybe the children's formula doesn't have alcohol, but check the ingredients. Usually pills or caps are recommended for pets.
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I have a 90 pound choc lab and he has allergies. I give him liquid benadryl frequently and it just makes him sleepy. It's 1mg per pound for liquid.

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