Why Does My Dog Poop A Jelly Substance?


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If your dog is pooping a jelly substance, this could be for many different reasons. Although you may be able to work out what reason it could be, you should make sure that your pet gets seen by a vet.

Your dog will not be able to tell you when he/she is in pain so you will need to make sure that your dog is not suffering when there are these medical issues.

Reasons for jelly like poop;

  • Worms
Your dog could be suffering from worms. It is extremely important that you get any case of worms looked into and that you make sure that your dog is put on a treatment to prevent the worms coming back as they can reoccur if you are not careful.

  • Worm treatment
Your dog could get jelly like poop as a result of having treatment for worms. These treatments could be for the prevention of worms rather than a cure for them and many puppies have this when they are very young. If your dog has had treatment in the last month or so, the jelly poop could be a result of this.

  • Infection
Most issues with strange looking or smelling poop are usually due to infection. When your pet has an infection it may not be easy to see where this infection is and what part of the body it is affecting. You should make sure that you take your dog to the vet and explain about the poop.

When your dog does have poops that are different, you should monitor them and check that they return to normal. If they do not, your animal may be losing water or blood through their poop which is a big issue.
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My dog did that, it was  bacterial infection. Vet gave him antibiotics, cleared up in a few days and the prescription was only like $6.00. Make sure to take your dog to the vet because it could progress and get worse if not treated.
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My dog has slimy poo what does that mean shes acting normal
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My 8 month old boston terrier does to =[ but he DOES HAVE AN APPETITE!!I'm hopping my girls didnt give him anything hes not suppose to eat =/ I'm giving him his dry dog food only and not [caned] and plenty of water. If he don't improve I'm going 2 take him 2 the vet cause it might be worms or he might be do for his shots! It could be anything =/ SO TAKE HIM 2 THE VET! Good luck!

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