My Dog Has Just Started To Shake, Shiver, How Long Before She Will Give Birth?


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 get ready she going to have them soon. My dog just had her pups 7 weeks ago. My dog was breathing heavy the night before she had her pups. The morning she gave birth she was shaking and shivering. Just advice put in her bed or where ever your going to have her and the pups. It wont be easy to move her and the pups after giving birth. Good Luck
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You should probably have them by now if that meant she was closer to hard labor. When did her temperature drop (pups should arrive within 24 hours of the temperature drop though often much sooner)? Did thing's go okay? How many?
Don't forget to do your post whelp exam if she free whelped. It's important. If the pups are free whelped (non c-section) the dam is examined 24 hours after to be sure there are no complications (rupture, torsion, prolapse hemorrhage ect.) and retained placenta's or pups to cause deadly infection. She may need or benefit from an injection to help clean her out faster at that time (also to try and prevent infection). The veterinarian will usually go over the next steps and more common danger signs and problems (like mastitis and eclampsia) for the nursing stage at that time. Usually around 2 to 5 days the pups go in to the vet for a look over and to have dew claws removed and tails docked if that's done. Good luck.
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The moment you hear them yelp (cry)!
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She is in labor and birth is possible within 12 hours of start of labor. If she is also straining for puppies then she will deliver soon. If she does not deliver even straining for 2 hours then take her to vet because it can be complication.

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