How Long After Discharge Should My Dog Go Into Labor?


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Canine pregnancy can last for 59-68 days or 9 weeks. If your dog is pregnant and is in 9th week of gestation then note for signs of labor. These signs appear 8-48 hours before start of true labor. These signs are
  1. Decrease in rectal temperature below 100
  2. Agitation
  3. No eating
  4. Pacing.
You should note these signs instead of discharge. If dogs don't deliver around 70 days of pregnancy then it is time for vet visit.
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Most likely, if she seems a bit restless, and or panting a lot then yes. Just give her a queit comfortable spot to lie down and keep an eye on her- nature will take course. Just watch for any major destress. She will be fine.
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You tell they are entering labor because their temperature drops to around 98. This is an important step because if there are not pups in 24 hours after that you know there is a problem or if prenatal care or breed indicates when to call the vet to set up scheduled c-section.
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A dog going into labour happens very fast unlike humans. Please stand by. If she heads for a place like the closet, or a dark corner in the bedroom, you know this is going to happen very fast. They seem to like dark enclosed area, not out in the open, I think to protect their puppies
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I have two questions, one is this morning when she woke I noticed a wet sticky discharge, how soon can I expect puppies , and also can she have tylenol, considering it is not an aspirin product.

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