How Long Does The First Stage Of Labor In A Dog Last?


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First stage which is just the weird stuff they do before the actual birth can be up to several hours. Assuming you know that your breed isn't known for difficulties and a standard c-section breed. :-) If after the water breaks there aren't pups soon you need to call your vet. Dark or green fluid and no pups call your vet. A break of more than 2 hours in between pups call your vet. The pups delivered don't match closely with the ultrasound or x-ray call the vet (they are usually within 1 or 2 if not completely accurate). If she seems in distress, call your vet. She needs to deliver a placenta with each puppy which is usually right after, if not call your vet. She can eat a couple but too many will give her diarrhea. Concerned about anything, call your vet. Here's a few resources for you.

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