My Dog Is Pregnant And Yesterday Started To Pant Heavy And Have The Shakes. Today She Is Panting A Lot Heavier, Not Eating And Has Diarrhea. How Long Is It Before She Goes In To Labour?


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Average gestational periods in dogs is 63 days. Diarrhea can be due to many reasons including stress, food changes, food poison, parasites and foreign material etc. You have not mentioned duration of the pregnancy. The signs of labor are
  1. Drop in temperature to 97-98C.
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Panting
  4. Digging
  5. Hiding
  6. Sometimes vomiting
If she is approaching to 63 day the it might be labor pain But I advise you to take her to vet because she is having diarrhea which is not good and can cause many complications.
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The first stage of labor takes 6-12 hours.  During this time mothers will become restless/nervous, stop eating, pant, shiver, vomit and pace.  It is an emergency if it has been more than 24 hours since the mother's temperature drops below 99 degrees Fahrenheit (37.2 degrees Celsius).  Your dog has been showing signs of labor for 24 hours with no puppies.  She needs to be examined immediately by a veterinarian.  This is an emergency failure to act promptly could result in death of the puppies and the mother.  Good luck.

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