How long once a dog starts pushing should the puppy come out?


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If she is in hard labor and contracting and pushing for about 20 or 30 minutes or if there is a puppy stuck in the canal you should give your vet a call. If you have seen something like a dark green gush of fluid call the vet if the pup doesn't appear within about 15 to 20 minutes, it usually indicates the sack has broken and the pup can suffocate pretty quickly in the canal.
If things seem to go well remember to do her post whelp exam about 24 hours after she whelps. The first link is a quick list of danger signs and there is more information and detailed links in the other links. Good Luck. q3525724.html#a2810229 q1679449.html#a2947871 q2722771.html#a3046267 q5762034.html#a2906893
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A puppy is born within minutes when a dog starts to push. I suggest that if the dog is straining for 2 hours without any result then take her to a vet immediately.
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Puppy is born within minutes when dog start to push. Delivery in dogs can be complicated. That is why it is recommended to get help from the vet because sometimes, complications can be fatal and death of both puppy and mother is possible. If dog is straining for 2 hours without any result then take her to vet immediately.

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