How Long After My Dogs Milk Comes In Will She Deliver?


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A dog can start producing milk during the last 10 days of pregnancy; however, it could start a full month before she gives birth, indicating that she is close to giving birth. Milk production in the dog begins when their cervix dilates and contractions start causing the animal to be restless and uncomfortable. The colostrum (the first milk) can be gently extracted from the nipples by rolling your dog's teats between your thumb and forefinger, but it is likely it will leak on its own as time to give birth draws closer.

The dog's gestational period is around 63 days from breeding. You should take her temperature twice a day as the due date gets close. If it is consistently around the 97-99 degrees mark and has been in two separate readings the birth should take place within 24 hours. During this period you will notice more milk being produced - another sign that the birth is close to taking place. 

You can find out more about the stages of labor in a dog here: This describes the length of time it will take and gives advice on what you need to do during the pregnancy.
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Usually, milk production in dogs takes place towards end of the gestation. But there are no fix date for the milk production. In some dogs milk is produce 7-10 days before whelping and in some dogs 5 days before, in some 3 days and even in some dogs milk is produced after the delivery of puppies. One thing is sure that usually milk can be produced in dogs during advance stages of the pregnancy.

Don't rely on the milk production to start preparation for whelping. You should note other signs of labor which are
  1. Pacing and restlessness
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Agitation
  4. Nesting behavior
  5. Reduction in rectal temperature below 100 F
If your dog is showing these signs then she can deliver within 6-24 hours.
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Usually, milk production in dogs is started in the 8th week of pregnancy but not in all the cases. Sometimes, milk production starts on the day of delivery of puppies before or after birth. In some dogs, milk starts to produce 2 or 3 days before whelping and some other dogs 4-5 days before delivery, so, there is no hard and fast rule for milk production in dogs except at the advance stages of gestation or immediately after giving birth.
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This varies from breed to breed. IT could be as much as one week, or 24 hours. Monitor her temperature, once it drops about two degrees below normal, she will give birth within 48 hours.

During stage one of labor, the cervix will begin to dilate. The dog will look very uncomfortable and restless. She will not be able to eat and may even vomit. She may also start building a nest. Keep her calm, most easily done by separating her from the rest of the household in a dark room.

During stage two, the water will break and the puppies will start to be delivered after every 10 to 30 minutes. If more than four hours pass with no puppies, you need to take the dog to you vet as there is something wrong.

After she is done with the delivery, the mother will expel the placenta and she will focus on cleaning the puppies and start feeding them.
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Hi, my border collie is pregnant, today is 63 days from the first day of being covered by the male. She has had milk for a week now. How much longer will it be before she delivers. We can still feel her puppies moving around. She isn't eating as much and is not showing any signs of labour. Please help.
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When my dog got her milk in it took 2 days then on the 2 day she did give birth, hope this helps
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Sounds like she is getting ready to deliver.  Make sure she has a space of her own with old towels or an old blanket to nest in when the time comes
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Initial time of milk production can be different in individual dogs.  It typically starts in the last few weeks to days before giving birth.  Gestation (pregnancy) in dogs lasts 63-66 days.  When your dog's body temperature drops below 99 degrees Fahrenheit your dog should give birth within the next 24 hours--if this does not occur call your veterinarian as your dog and puppies are possibly in distress.
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My dog has been having contractions for 3 days now, she has her milk in has a rectal temp of 98.7  how long do I have before we will have puppies? She is a pit 5 years old and this is her 2nd litter, 1 year ago she had a litter of 8 healthy pups
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Some dogs start producing it about 24 hours before and others will not produce until the puppies are on the ground and any time between the two.
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My dog is at day gestation day 67 she has had mild contractions for three days and temp has gone from 98.6 back up to 100.4 is this normal
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you puppies are probably expired and she will be very ill if you do not get her to a vet!
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The milk comes in three or four days after the pups arrive. The colostrum can be anywhere from a week right up until when the pups are born but most often appears a day or two before the whelp. It's a good idea to start taking temp then and once it drops to around 98 there should be pups soon and if not in 24 hours you should call your vet because there's a problem. If they free whelp they should be seen 24 hours after to make sure things went okay (no rupture, hemorrhage or prolapse) and to make sure nothing is retained to cause infection like placenta's or decaying pups and to see if they need an injection to help clean them out (also to avoid infection). At that time they will usually go over some of the next batch of dangers.

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