How To Tell If I Have A Purebred Pitbull?


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There are several different varieties of pit bulls and without papers showing a registered bloodline, there is no clear cut way to determine if a pit bull is pure bread or not.  The American Pit Bull terrier is known to grow to approximately 18 to 22 in and weigh between 30 and 60 lbs.  American pit bull terriers can be of any color or combination of colors.  Certain colors have gained favor and been over bred, such as the "blue.”  They have thick shiny short hair and are bundles of energy.  They are very loyal and courageous animals that socialize well with children and other animals when raised (trained) by responsible owners.

In some breeds, a purple mouth, specifically the tongue is used to gauge the purity of the breed.  Others rely simply on build and coat characteristics to make a determination.  While these are clues that would indicate possible bloodlines there are no real assurances outside of verifiable records. 

Registrations of the American Pit Bull terrier, originally named Staffordshire Terriers for the province from whence they came, have been limited and today, only those dogs with Am Staff parents are eligible for registration. Both the UKC and the ADBA organizations allow the registration of Am Staffs, but in these organizations the dogs carry the original name, "American Pit Bull Terrier."

While originally being bred for fighting, the American Pit Bull terrier has become a well loved breed among families.  These loving and loyal dogs make wonderful family pets if treated correctly and you are sure of their blood lines.  As with any breed, there are going to be those that have been inbred so badly that there is no amount of training possible to rehabilitate the animal.  In cases across all breeds there have been unexplained attacks and aggression towards owners and strangers alike.  Caution and knowing the danger signs is always important.
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Alright usually a good way but it's not 100% True is if there K9s curve towards the back of the mouth more then an average dogs and most pits have more black on the roofs of there mouths then anything. But like I said getting dna testing is always a clearer approach and most likely will let you know for sure. And that picture isn't even what an original pitbull looks like so I'm sorry your wrong. The pit bloodline has more a rat face when the jaw is open the block head look comes from more or the bulldog line not terrier and not all Pitbulls will look like that dog without being trained. Dogs aren't born looking like dogzilla.
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By comparing the pictures I gave you earlier to your dog. At that link I sent you are included the links to AKC registrations and many breeders, websites, and forums concerning pit bulls.
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The above person is correct in aspect of the picture that dog is atleast 75% american Bulldog a completely different breed. I also hope that isa rescue dog and the person with the pic has nothing to do with the scarring on that dog. He looks a little rough, but never the less, the dog in that pic is not a Pit. It is more american Bulldog
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I'm guessing the easiest way is to see if the parents are registered full pit but even then some people lie or are lied to so that can make things complicated. If you post a pic I might be able to give you a good guess. That is only if you want to.
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There is no such thing as pure bred pitt bull the closest thing is the american pit bull terrier but when you get papers you can see 7 generations back if you buy the package thats the only way to tell
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Honestly if there are no papers then you can't be for certain. However there are a few defects that you can look for showing that they are not pure bred or may have a tight bloodline. These are things like under/overbite, shorter tails, crystal blue eyes that remain after a pup. These are things you don't need papers to see. Hope that was some help. Good Luck.
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You really can't tell form looks a blood test at the vet will do the trick.
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If he didn't come with papers, it's extremely unlikely that he is pure bred - pure bred animals should have a pedigree. You could maybe contact the people who sold him to you to see if there is any mistake?
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Did the breeder ask you what you were naming your pit? Sometimes breeders will send out the papers for you so that dog stays in their line, you can request from the breeder and they should have them or give you an explanation.
Some breeders will also hold back on paperwork until your dog is spayed/neutered if they have a contract with you about that. Call the breeders
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I bought my staffy about 7 months ago and he is purebred without papers, I asked the vet and also asked people that bred staffy's. Maybe try and find a few people that breed pitbulls or have pitbulls then show them pictures of your dog and ask them if it is pure. I used to have a pitbull and they are very intelligent dogs, good luck with your one :)
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If the dog does not have registration "papers" from a valid kennel club, which means its ancestry can be traced back many generations in a pedigree, there is no way to be sure. I've seen many mixed-breed dogs that LOOK like American PIt Bull Terriers, but have absolutely NO APBT in them at all, and there are many dishonest breeders who are selling mixed-bred dogs, often crosses of various Mastiff and Bulldog breeds, as "Pit Bulls", when they aren't. Many of these breeders specialize in huge, massive "bully" dogs that look more like blue or red hippos than dogs! You can clearly see the genetic influence of breeds like Neopolitan Mastiffs, English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, and Dogue de Bordeauxs(the Turner and Hooch breed).
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Unless you know the breeder there is no way of knowing, even then you must be careful
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It's really hard to tell.. You should just ask the breeder. Just to correct other people about pitbull without papers are not pure. Most of the breeders of the past that are not into peddling but fighting secretly hide their line of dogs.
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I think they are pure if   you lift thier skin and they don't cry they are pure!!!!!
If they do cry then thier not!!!

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