How Do I Get Papers For My Pomeranian?


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That depends on what "Papers" you are talking about.
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Call the subscription department, but, I would teach it to read first, otherwise, it will just look at the pictures.
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They come from your breeder. They are to show tracked and verified lineage and a representation the dog is pure bred so your breeder registers the litter with AKC ( or applicable for country not a paper or pet registry) and then you get an individual application from them. Check your contract to be sure you don't get them until you send proof of spay and neuter or some other clause. If you have the sire and dams registration numbers you can see if the litter was registered. Make sure your puppy was sold as a registerable puppy first though. You could look into the PAL/ILP program though if you are interested. You just can't compete in conformation.

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