I have a full blooded Colby pitbull, she is soild blue and I want to breed her, but I want to make sure that she will have mostly blues, so what other kind of pit can I breed her with?


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There are no guarantees and the breed comes in just about every color and marking variation there is so there would be a lot of possibilities since you have to consider more than just the two dog's you may match up but the dog’s behind them as well. There is a link on the color genetics for you below to give you some ideas and your mentor(s) is usually a big help with that sort of thing when you are starting out and a part of what they are there for.
In order to have an idea of what you may throw off and a chance at throwing colors you are trying for you have to know your pedigree (from a reputable registry such as UKC or ADBA) very well and then research the pedigree's of any stud's you are interested in using to get an idea if they are a good match as well as if the color genetics that you want are there. To have a chance at throwing any blue's your stud needs to also a carry the dilute gene and that is evident in the lines.
You have to go off the pedigrees and can't just take someone's word on it. There is a lot of misinformation passed on and people often make things up just to make their poorly bred dogs seem to be more than they are and to add value (BYB/Puppy mill breeding practices). A common characteristic of back yard breeding is not knowing all that much about their dog(s) and the breed itself, much less knowing or following the guidelines of being a good breeder and having well bred pups and that is extremely evident with APBT. There is not another breed that suffers from as much misinformation, misidentification and poor breeding practices.
You would need to consider the other dogs in your lines and not just any of the direct Colby dogs and how all those genes and traits might mix. Do you want to try to strengthen the traits from and the Colby line in your program or the dilute genes for the color (along with everything else)? The stronger the Colby lines and traits, the less likely the blue coloring is probably going to be, so that is something you might want to consider as well before trying to find a good match for her.
The link to the Colby website with information and pictures is below for you as well. Here is what Louis Colby has to say about the "blue" dogs. : "As a boy growing up, and listening to multiple conversations between my father and visitors such as Collagan, Heinzl Vose, Donovan, and other dogmen from all over the country..never did the word blue appear. There never was a blue Colby dog in my father's yard, nor mine.To my knowledge there was never a blue colored dog reported in any match or sporting event."
As you continue your research you will have to decide on whether you want that longer, fuller, healthier and happier life for her or whether you consider it worth all of that and even her life to make the choice to breed her. Breeding is a risk of their life and things go wrong. The less you know about everything and what you are doing the more likely things are to result in death. You would decide to breed in spite of that because she can contribute to and improve on her breed if you are making good and knowledgeable decisions. Spaying sooner and not breeding leads to a longer, healthier and happier life for her.
Every dog has the right to be a parent? Every dog? There are already too many dogs and not enough homes due to indiscriminate breeding and placement and hundreds an hour here in the states alone die for that reason, many of them APBT’s. Shelter dog’s start with the person who breeds and places them and what they may or may not have done or known. That would be okay for the pups you created as long as she gets to be a parent?
What about the ones that aren’t even lucky enough to make it there to be humanely euthanized? The one that gets sick but they don’t want to go to the vet or can’t and your puppy dies at home, suffering?  The one that someone decides is so great and decides to breed indiscriminately but didn’t plan on a problem or her needing a c-section and she dies at home after having a few pups and the whole thing starts over again with this new litter and again and again and again?
What if one or both of her parents had a major health issue that was passed down to her or that her breeder never considered could be lurking or testing for? She can barely walk from hip dysplasia, she has a major heart problem, she is going blind from a genetic eye disease, she needs special and constant care and a shortened life from something like a liver or kidney problem or something like that. She is always ill and needs special care due to an autoimmune disorder that has been passed down from her parents, she has epilepsy. Those sorts of things would be okay for you and her because EVERY dog should have pups?
Keep up your research, there is a lot to learn and consider before breeding and a long way to go to be a good breeder. There is more information and a lot more links and resources in the links below for you. Your breed club (fifth link) is also a great place to look into potential studs and for a good mentor or two as well as visiting shows in the area. Good Luck to you.
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SPAY YOUR DOG if you love pitts so much you will not breed her, there are so many pitbulls in shelters right now being killed because no one wants them.
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I have blue pits....both blue and I keep their bloodline going amongst them 2 my male is 10x purple ribbon with a beautiful seal like coat but a very smokey grey and female lighter shade with a seal grey going down her back..They only produce the 80-100lb blue with white chest..hate the fawns..so I know what you mean you want the best and produce the best..I have put a lot of money in the male and female upon my purchase of them 2 +yrs ago my snauchers raised them and their 5yrs old toy and miniature one with wavy hair and the other is wirey they only mix with one another...so I took my time and found the best mates for my animal companions

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