What is your favorite breed of dog?


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I love Basset Hounds ! This one is my pal !

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Pitbulls! Often misunderstood, pit bulls are one of the most loyal and gentle dogs if trained properly. Many do not know that in the 1800's, pit bulls were used to babysit young children and were known as the "nanny dog". My guy was the runt of the litter. Even his mom didn't want him which made me want him even more. He's been given nothing but love and has given nothing but love in return. He's my little Super Dog (hence his little cape).

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Rooster Cogburn
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I have a female pit bull that lives behind me and she's a sweetheart! My Basset and her chase each other back and forth by the fence. It's funny! That family has small kids and never had any problems. It's how they are treated that does the job !
Tinkerbell St. Basil
Very true. By the way, your Basset Hound looks like he is VERY loved.
Tinkerbell St. Basil
Or is it SHE? Either way.....adorable pic!
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My dog is pretty smart. She's a Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross. I found some paw prints in one of my chess books and I think she's been studying the game. I haven't challenged her because I've never lost to a dog. Yet.

But she enjoys watching TV for recreation, especially if there's a dog on screen. This show featured a really good looking German Shepherd named Inspector Rex. Zoe is his biggest fan.

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Lard Ass
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That's all part of the cute! ;)
Wizeold Dogmom
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Is it really PURPLE??
Didge Doo
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Thanks for clarifying that, Dog ma. I wondered what Chuck was talking about. No, it isn't purple. It's a slightly-reddish brown with a hint of something lighter. I guess the light from the TV made it look a bit off. :(
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I have had dogs most of my adult life. I've always had mutts and always gotten rescues. Seem like lately the turn mutt is mostly thought of as a negative term.  I think they are the very BEST kind of dogs!!!  I have had my Keokee for over 7 years.  I got her at a no kill shelter. They say she is a Shepard/border collie mix. She is the BEST DOG EVER!!!! 

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Huskies, I think that they are just so beautiful and I love them, but they shed like monsters.

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Terry  Ross
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I just lost my Siberian husky to cancer on Sunday :( she was the best. .my son used to tie her leash to his big wheel & she would pull him around the block! It's insane how much I miss her.
Matt Radiance
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I love huskies! they are mysterious as well!
Ray Dart
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I have to dogsit a Husky (my daughter's). It's a constant conversation piece people have even asked to have their pictures taken with it.
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OK, here goes, first answer. (Takes a deep breath)

I'm rather partial to Gordon Setters.  I've raised three to be Search & Rescue dogs.  I'll have to find a photo and post.  But I've never met a dog I didn't like.

(Closes eyes & presses button)

Did it work?

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Boxers! Even when they are old and grey they still act like puppies.

I only have the one in the middle left, but the other two lived to be senior dogs and were running and playing until the end. The "little" one is now 8.5 and isn't showing signs of slowing down. 

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I haven't got a dog but if I ever got one it would be a Saluki or a Greyhound/Wolfhound Lurcher.

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I don't have a favorite because I love all dogs, but I've only owned Golden Retrievers and one Collie.  They were and are wonderful.  But I'll post one that find absolutely adorable...


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I've always liked chow chows. There's just something cuddly about the way they look, but they're also big enough to have a wrestle around with and run around with them at the park.

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